Joe Dell makes appearence on Off the Record

A new show titled Off the Record was recorded this past weekend in Lyndhurst New Jersey with the hosts Jody Lee and David Durkin. There were three guests, the first was comedian Craig Mahoney and they last was Liam Brown and the Pounds. Tucked in between was our own Joe Dell. He started off his appearance by what seemed to be a 2 foot marijuana joint. After being informed that is was not yet legal in New Jersey outside of medicinal reasons, he threw it over his should and then continued the interview where in he explained personal history along with info on his new book titled Goin' Over and his history with Sleepy Hollow Band. We caught up with oe and asked him about the appearance. "Good fun! Yeah, I was hoping to hear a little of Craig's stand up routine, but,that was kool. Yeah, the owner is named Alan Wisenzow. He was nice old fella with great taste in music. The hosts Jody and David were a friendly couple which I enjoyed spending time in front of the camera with immensely. Of course there are things you think about later that you would have wanted to say, like how there is great entertainment in the underground that is missed because to many people are focused on the main stream. Liam is an Irish guy who brought some of his homeland with him, I enjoyed the music being of partial Irish decent myself. I thoroughly recommend catching the show to anyone."