1. Armageddon

From the recording Armageddon

One of the first songs of the original lineup, Frank had come up with the line "The world is coming to an end, I am running as fast as I can, the Man has a master plan". This, combined with the menacing music, Millenial end-of-the world rumors of 1999, and Matt's ecological studies created the overall results of Matt's first lyrical contribution to Sleepy Hollow. We used to open with Destiny and go straight into Armageddon off the final notes, now we've followed the destruction of nature by man in Farewell to Wilderness with nature's revenge in Armageddon! Mike "BBB" Allen joins us on both these songs, and we wish we'd been able to work with him more before his demise. The original ending was Joe and Matt soloing over the "chorus" section, with an effect akin to Deep Purple's "April pt. 1", but Mole came up with the build-up ending for the Legend sessions. The Lazarus edit omits the final solos and has Mole's original lead guitar in the vocal section, which has been replaced by Junior's superior chops for Legend!

Mole - vocals, electric and acoustic guitar, final lead guitar
Mike "BBB" Allen - bass & backing growls
Tom "Junior" Catsuosco - lead guitar in body of song
Joe - organ, piano, mellotron
Gary - drums



The drums of war have started
I tremble in my bones
The prophecies of madmen
Have suddenly come home

I see the storm clouds gather
I hear the ocean roar
I feel the magma pulsing
Our world shall be no more

A comet burns across the sky,
brings mountains low and valleys high,
and makes the Earth shake with it's might

The whole Earth tremors as she shifts,
and her hot blood pours out in rifts,
to show our death in Hellish light.

Tsunamis pound us from the sea,
and bring our cities to their knees,
our screams of anguish fill the night

(solo - Junior)

Upon the world man has become
A horrid plague, an evil scum
To Nature's greatness he's grown numb

He's poisoned sea and land and sky
So all that swim and crawl and fly
Shall in increasing numbers die

The beasts he alters at his will
The forests fall beneath his till
He's stricken Mother Nature ill

And so this horrid race of men
Shall from the face of Earth be cleansed
For us, I fear, it is the End

Volcanoes spew their embers high
and clouds send lightning from the sky
upon the Earth it does rain fire

The embers to great flames give birth
creating, truly, Hell on Earth
as Nature burns us in her ire

The flames, they jump from tree to town
burn our pride, with our houses, down
the Earth becomes our funeral pyre

(solo - Junior)

And so the land is clothed in flame
And all the world cries out in pain
And yet the blood, it leaves no stain

When all is cool, the dusty plain
Shall bring forth life to gentle rain
Thus shall the world be born again

(solos - Joe & Mole)