From the recording Aristotle's Lantern

We live in the information age, but how much of this knowledge is accurate? The one prog-metal tune of Mole's from the late 90s that the band attempted to learn in the early days, but it just never happened - we were too busy coming up with new stuff all the time! Like La Femme Arme, this shows Matt's love of classical music and heavy metal.

Mole - vocals, electric guitar, flute, bass guitar
Joe - piano, organ, bass guitar
Tony Renda ( - bass guitar
Gary - drums



All the wisdom of the world
is now at your fingertips
Grasp the fruit of knowledge that
Hangs within your reach
Read what foods are best for you
and how you can find true love
Let TV and magazines
Show these books to you

News scans life's grand picture and
Gives us the important facts
Several billion tales are told
Tell us which ones count

No more need to look around
Or learn through experience
Open up your eyes and ears
Hear the guru's words

The love expert tells me the difference between men and women
How to find romance and make the passion last
Did you know that he is now on his third marriage?
I'd rather trust one who made the first one work

The foods that I heard last year were the best ones for me
I just read in this book, I should avoid them the most
How can it be these diets are thoroughly tested
Yet every year proved wrong by further research

This news story I see tells me of a racial riot
Another case of a quite disturbing trend
But this time I was there - both sides were of mixed race
The reporter in haste just threw in his favorite slant

What is the basis of you being an expert
That all the world shall hang on your words?
Could it be that we rely on experts
That know no more than you or I do?

Words you read in books attest to the power to
channel the logic in reader's minds
But, this is not truth if the logic runs false
or is based on unfounded assumptions, so

You must think for yourself and just do your best
knowing no-one holds absolute wisdom, and
Yet, within every mind there flickers the flame
to illuminate truth in our daily life