From the recording Come With Me, Melina

Joe's ghost story over an ethereal, rolling piano motif which the band followed with a heavy groove before an instrumental blowout. Frankie used to come out from behind the drums to sing the first part and decorate it with glockenspiel.

Joe - vocals, piano, organ, bass guitar
Mole - electric guitar
Gary - drums



With a gaze through the window pane
I begin to feel human again
Three years my spirit did rest
'Til you came down the road, south-west

The entity that stands in our way
A life force weak and frail
I will tear his spirit apart
So the life in death we can start

See me floating through the walls
At night hear my spectral calls
In time when he is away
I'll call your spirit to play

Now that your life is in the past
An eternity our love will last
Now we both haunt these decrepit walls
As you ignore his tortured calls