From the recording Taliesyn Overture

The Taliesyn Overture started out in the late 90s, when Matt wrote a melody based on some medieval English dance tunes. The melody became the basis of a heavy metal song entitled "The Song of Taliesyn", with lyrics about King Arthur (which seemed to match the mix of epic and medieval influences in the song - Taliesyn was King Arthur's bard in legend). When he first introduced the song to Sleepy Hollow, it was rejected as sounding "too much like Iron Maiden", so Matt rearranged it with the first half being acoustic (harp, flutes/recorders, etc.) and the second half retaining the original electric heavy metal style, although it was never performed. When Castle Rock Orchestra leader Matt Rose mentioned a British-themed concert, Matt (Schwarz) showed him this "song about King Arthur" and Mr. Rose said he might be interested in it for the orchestra, if Matt arranged it - so he orchestrated it (in December 2012), replacing the song lyrics with a narration, and writing out a mixed electric guitar/piccolo section. And here, 15 years and two rewrites later, the piece has finally been performed March 3, 2013 (with Matt Schwarz on harp and electric guitar).