Sleepy Hollow Band full library available on USB on Ebay!


Above is the link to purchase the full library on USB ready to download to your listening device.


Sleepy Hollow

Soundwell EP

Goin Over (including book files)

The Lazarus Project


Spectrum Green unreleased album

Matt Schwarz The Lost…


Sleepy Hollow Amazon Availability


We have been experiencing difficulties with our Amazon account - they added multi-step authentication (every time we give them a password/phone # they just ask for more) and they have not gotten…


Joe Dell residency at Zoila's Kitchen in Garfield NJ

Joe Dell has now a permanent residency at Zoila's Kitchen in garfield NJ 

every Friday Night 7-9


Joe Dell, "...the owner Ray who is a stand up guy and does the cooking himself I believe, asked me to play there…


Matt Schwarz string quartet

Sleepy Hollow guitarist Matt Schwarz is working on getting a recording of his string quartet this summer.  The piece combines the common practice classical style of the 18th and 19th centuries with the rhythms and drive of rock and heavy…


God rest Jason Menniti

Sleepy Hollow Band would like to send their deepest sympathies to the family of Jason Menniti who passed on July 2nd 2019. 


Joe Dell, "Jason was my brother. I probably wouldn't even have an album out if it weren't for…


Joe Dell live at Ziola's Kitchen in Garfield NJ

Joe Dell now has a residency at Zoila's Kitchen every Saturday Night 7 to 9 pm. Featuring some of his memorable jazz piano. Fine Italian cuisine combined with soothing piano. No better way to start or end your Saturday night…


What has Joe Dell been smoking these days?

Well, Joe has informed us, that he enjoys an E.P. Carrillo Inch with a morning coffee, The A.J. Fernandez Relic has been the Fall call, and hr recently discovered Kristoff that Dom Braico turned him onto. He has taken a…