1. Nadia's Song

From the recording Nadia's Song

Joe composed this intricate acoustic masterpiece during the Sleepy Acoustic Hollow days for his friend Nadia "The Editor". A rare chance to see Joe leave off writing about woman troubles to write about someone else's man troubles! Joe's intention was to write an acoustic speed metal tune. Joe used to sing the ending and Mole the fast section, but a woman's voice was called for so Annie came in and outdid us both! Mole's friend Jennifer from the CO Ren Faire added some beautiful violin.

Annie Dell - vocals
Jennifer Scott (www.jenniferdeannscott.com) - violin
Joe - piano
Mole - classical guitar
Gary - drums



Construction Destruction
Of focus In my mind

Once told The angel
The devil Say the same

I knew I saw you
Blue in blue We were through

I laugh At your sympathy
And spit At your deceit

Tables turned Lesson learned
Not concerned Asshole!

Not mad Not sad
Feel stronger Than ever before

I will carry on!
I will carry on!

I will carry on!
I will carry on!