From the recording Later (Empty Home)

This is Joe Dell's very first piece as a solo artist. It was influenced by his recent break up and divorce of long time wife and partnet Annie Dell. Joe wrote this on the piano and then entered the studio with legendary engineer Bob Both on New year's eve and laid down the piano track in one take. Joe then re-entered the studio to lay down his orchestration. This is the track you are hearing now as a teaser for the full song. The vocal track will be availible on Jan. 10th 2013 on itunes and anywhere else downloads are availible. Joe Had old friend The Model enter the studio to lay down lead vocals for the track which opened up the dimensions and secured the dark and sorrowful feelings that are presented in the track. Enjoy this little teaser.


I awake in this empty bed
Pillow 'neath your resting head
Dreamscape for all my fears
Swollen eye 'n fallin' tears
In this life we have lived
Given all that I can give
Fought the wars never won
The Nightmare has just begun

Can't take back the years I've lost
Never thought I'd pay this cost
Lost my faith 'n loving heart
Need the strength to make a brand new start
'fraid of what life has in store
Just don't wanna fight no more

Now I'm all alone
In this empty home
(repeat chorus)