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Sleepy Hollow: Legend

- - - Disc 1 - - -                                                       - - - Disc 2 - - -

1. Out of the Mist - 5:42                                1. Farewell to Wilderness - 4:29

2. The Mirror - 6:03                                      2. Armageddon - 8:30

3. Cousin Katie - 2:21                                   3. Unselfconscious - 7:59

4. The Wanderer - 10:08                               4.  Joan - 1:20

5. Come With Me, Melina - 7:17                    5. Troubled Times - 5:23

6. Too Late - 3:14                                         6. For the World is Hollow - 6:05

7. Nadia's Song - 4:11                                  7. La Femme Arme - 6:01

8. The Soldier's Lament - 5:09                       8. I'm Insane - 3:13

9. The Butterfly Queen - 1:04                        9. Aristotle's Lantern - 8:56

10. Sorrow's Might - 13:11                          10. Hall Of Voices - 18:47

For their 10-year anniversary, Sleepy Hollow releases an album gathering songs spanning from their formative years to new material improvised in the studio. With full creative control, Joe and Mole's progressive leanings come out in an eclectic mix of acoustic and electric material digging deep into heavy metal, folk, classical, jazz, and rock to provide a wide variety of powerful music! Joining the boys are Gary "C" Rinaldi on drums and a number of excellent musical friends providing bass guitar, female vocals, violin, and more!

Sleepy Hollow - The Lazarus Project

SLEEPY HOLLOW: The Lazarus Project

1. Troubled X - 5:39 2. Armageddon - 4:59 3. Out Of The Mist - 2:50 4. For The World Is Hollow - 5:06 5. Soldier's Lament - 2:08 6. Proverbs 14:12 (aka Femme Arme) - 5:46 7. Nightshift Blues - 4:32 8. Sorrow's Might - 6:30 9. Aristotle's Lantern - 4:27 SPECTRUM GREEN BONUS TRACKS: 10. Intro 11. Ol' Reliable - 5:28 12. Corporate Pig - 4:26 13. Changing Thoughts - 3:43 14. Sympathy For A Whore - 5:44 15. Concerto Of The Damned - 3:33 16. The Jester - 3:05 A distillation of the heavier parts of the "Legend" sessions - featuring alternate mixes and versions of 8 songs from the Legend double album, a non-album track, and 6 lost (all-instrumental) rehearsal tracks from Joe's previous prog-metal band Spectrum Green. 

Sleepy Hollow - Goin' Over


1 - Goin' Over (Sleepy Hollow) - 19:27 (including: Broken Water, Seedy Sales, F.A.T., Bad Reflection, Blast Off, Collapse, Farewell to a Friend, Broken Wings ) 2 - Pay the Price (Castiel) - 4:07 3 - Under the Ground (Dell) - 4:30 4 - 90's Child (Dell, Braico) - 5:00 5 - Mare Crastinum (Schwarz) - 4:50 6 - Rock Hard (Castiel) - 4:25 Bonus disc includes extended "movie version" of "Goin' Over" with spoken dialogue . . . . . . . . . . Personnel: Dan Castiel - bass, vocals; Joe Dell - organ, boparine, vocals; Frank Melick - drums, vocals; Matt Schwarz - guitars, flute, Celtic harp, vocals . . . . . . . . . . The focal point of this album is the epic title piece, portraying the tragic journey of Tony Piece's descent into increasingly dangerous drugs into overdose with different styles of music: renaissance, classic metal, funk-rock, speed metal, nu-metal, prog-metal, progressive rock, and harp solo. "Pay the Price" is a driving, aggressive hard rocker, whereas "Rock Hard" is an anthemic classic rocker. "Under the Ground" is a dirge featuring the heaviest distorted organ sound and a touch of death metal vocals in the chorus, followed by the catchy "90's Child". "Mare Crastinum" is an art-metal song with a quiet intro under poetic lyrics leading to a heavy metal tsunami, featuring an intricate classical-sounding instrumental section. While still showing SH's old-school metal and prog roots, the whole album has a new heaviness due to Joe's full organ sound and Matt's drop-tuned guitars. Dan's melodic bass and Frank's excellent, inventive drumming give the album plenty of drive and interest.
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Sleepy Hollow EP


1 - Destiny (Castiel) - 5:08 2 - Two Too Late (Dell) - 2:09 3 - From Above (Melick, Dell, Castiel) - 5:56 4 - Sleepy Hollow (Sleepy Hollow) - 6:56 . . . . . . . . . . Personnel: Dan Castiel - bass, sax, vocals; Joe Dell - organ, vocals; Frank Melick - drums, vocals; Matt Schwarz - guitars, flute, vocals . . . . . . . . . . Our EP focuses one song for each singer - Dan's melodic hard rock anthem "Destiny", Joe's jazzy ballad "Two Too Late", Frank's tale of alien abduction "From Above" (starting out hard rock and ending in a psychedelic organ solo), and the progressive metal "Sleepy Hollow" epic with Matt's version of the headless horseman tale over a mixture of Iron Maiden and early Genesis influenced music.  
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Sleepy Hollow EP on Green Vinyl

Here is your chance to own a limited edition Green Vinyl numbered Record. It features original artwork with different photo of band on back cover along with lyrics. There is a bonus instrumental track titled 'Butterfly Queen' which features Harpsichord and flute! It will not be availible on any other Sleepy Hollow release! The vocal version with piano will be on the new album titled 'Legend' which is due for release in the Fall of 2008. Please send Payment of $10 (which includes S&H) to H Rowland 130 Harcourt Ave Bergenfield, NJ 07621

Goin' Over by Joe Dell

This is the first book ever written by a member of Sleepy Hollow. Joe Dell delves into the world of music and drugs in this 752 page master piece. The main character Tony Peace goes through numerous journeys that lead him deep into the pool of despair. Joe, who is know for is graphic details and wild imagination brings this world to life with his animated words. The book has 33 chapters which even individually brings the reader to a point of suspense. Just a word of wisdom, the book is very dark and has adult themes. You, the reader will be brought back in time where drugs were still underground along with the music that coincides. When purchasing the hard copy, you will be treated to an added bonus of the Goin' Over Musie! Here is a link! Buy this at Infinity Publishing! This is the publishing site where Joe has released the book! It will be available on Kindle and Nook in the future!