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       Sleepy Hollow have sold thousands of copies worldwide of their EP, Goin' Over album, and Legend double-album since their inception in 1999.  They are a tough group to label - delving in the realms of Progressive Rock, Acid Rock, and Heavy Metal, with passages more reminiscent of jazz or classical than rock music.  The main lineup of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboards (with band members sharing vocal duties) is often augmented by folk or classical instruments, particularly flute. 

       Guitarist Matt "the Mole" Schwarz has performed and recorded with a number of other bands:  acoustic folk group Sarabande, original rock band Odin's Other Eye, Cold Wind To Valhalla (a Jethro Tull tribute), and progressive metal band Sold Future.  He also performed harp (and other instruments) at Renaissance festivals and played harp in the Castle Rock Orchestra.  He has released a CD of acoustic folk songs (The Lost Way) and one of solo harp instrumentals (The Journeyman Harper).  He is currently focusing on classical composition (with elements of his folk and rock influences), recently as "Matthew H Schwarz."  His classical recordings include his String Quartet in D Minor (recorded by the Carpe Diem Quartet) and a series of trios for flute, harp, and cello inspired by The Wind in the Willows (of which the first movement "By the Riverbank" has been recorded by an international ensemble).  His major recordings are on streaming sites, and can also be accessed at