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Sleepy Hollow: Links

Matt Schwarz at Sheet Music Plus

Sheet music for Sleepy Hollow guitarist Matt Schwarz's classical compositions.  Piano, string quartet, etc. - let us know if you'd like any of the orchestral stuff!

Sleepy Hollow My Space
Infinity Publishing
The site where you can order Joe Dell's new book titled Goin' Over!
The Hall of Heavy Metal History

Joe Dell has been working behind the scenes with Pat Gesualdo on the Legendary Hall of Heavy Metal History. Joe designed the prestigious induction statue along with other creative aspects. The Hall is backed by the D.A.D. Program which has helped thousands of disabled people in many ways. The Hall of Heavy Metal History very 1st induction ceremony will take place in Anaheim CA on Jan 18th 2017. Get your tickets here!

Metal Talk with Steve Goldby

Steve Goldby, the number 1 metal dj in the UK, covered Sleepy Hollow in their infancy and til this day keeps pure metal alive and strong in England, the place where it started. Steve and Joe Dell have become close during the Hall of Heavy Metal History week in Anaheim, sharing their love of metal and good drink! Give Steve a listen! Don't miss an episode! CHEERS!

Solo & Side Projects

Matt Schwarz at Sheet Music Plus

Sheet music for Sleepy Hollow guitarist Matt Schwarz's classical compositions.  Piano, string quartet, etc. - let us know if you'd like any of the orchestral stuff!

Odin's Other Eye
Original Denver rock band that Matt Schwarz is playing lead guitar in as of June 2012.
Castle Rock Orchestra / Castle Musicale
Orchestra and early music groups (led by Matt Rose) with whom Matt "the Mole" sometimes performs.
It's a Miserable Life
This is the main site for the new project Joe Dell is working on with his cousin Robert Morosca. It is a comic strip based on the main chaaracter named 'Pops". Pops is a manic depressent with a love for cigarettes and who always looks at the bad side of things and has a side kick named Johnny who he mentors in his negative ways. Pops has a dead beat son who is 40 years old and thinks he is still going to be a rocck star and refuses to get a job. He has a hypocondriac ddaughter who thinkss she is fat while she weighs 90 pounds and is 5 foot 9. She is married to a geek husband who is fat and loves to eat and play video games. His sister has been waiting for him to die so she could get the whole family inherritance and used her puppet husband to do the dirty work, trying to hurry up the dying process. There are a slew of other odd ball characters that will make their way in and out of Pops' life. Watch him as he waits for 2012, goes to a ball game, as his sister thinks of new ways to kill him off. You will die laughing at "it's a miserable life"!
Matt Schwarz myspace
It's the Mole!
Sarabande My Space
Matt's Renaissance/Celtic/Gypsy group.
LA Velvet
Gary Rinaldi's new band in LA.
Frankie Goes To Englewood
Former Sleepy Hollow drummer Frank Melick's 80's cover band.
Gary the drummer's Iron Maiden tribute band - they play stuff like "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and "Phantom of the Opera"!

Radio that plays Sleepy Hollow

Musique Macabre
Internet horror-themed radio that plays some of our creepier tunes!
PRM - Prog Rock & Metal
Another killer prog-metal internet radio station!
Progulus Radio
A whole radio station dedicated to prog metal and rock! This is why internet radio rules.


80's Wrestling Con

On April 27th in Freehold NJ, get to meet the legends of 80's Wrestling, Ricky the Dragon Steam Boat, The Wild Samoans, Wendy Richter, Slick, Koko B. Ware, Bruce "Brother Love" Prichard, Jake The Snake Roberts, The Nasty Boyz, Cowboy Bob Orton, Tony Atlas & Rocky Johnson, Greg The Hammer Valentine, Young Stallions, Ken Patera, Powers of Pain, The Genius Lenny Poffo & Bushwacker Luke. There will many vendors and other surprises, oh, and if you look hard enough, you may find Joe Dell tucked in there somewhere!

Angel Fox Cosplay

For all Sleepy Hollow Band fans who enjoy the fun of cosplay, check out Angel Fox Cosplay on facebook! She sometimes makes her own costumes and creates her own make up. Check out the page for links to other accounts as well as learning where she will be appearing next and how to get some of her photographs signed. All your favorite Comicon characters ranging from cute to sexy!

DAD (drums & diabilities
DAD is a site for Drum and Disabilities. Founded by Pat Gesgualdo, it is a special program to help children with disabilities to conquer them with the help of learning drum techniques.
The Road Code
Free service to promote and sell anything you want including buisnesses, realestate and vehicles. Fantastic site, Sleepy Hollow uses and endorses it!
Lusty Leather
Lusty Leather custom made Matt's fantastic leather flute and recorder belt cases. They can be found hawking fine leather pouches, belts, bodices, and more at Renaissance Faires around the northeast.
Modern Bard
A listing of Renaissance and folk music performers and their CDs, with links to purchase. If you're looking for more stuff like Sarabande and "The Lost Way", try here!
NE Rennies
A source for Renaissace Faires and related performers and vendors in the New England area.
Patchwork Merchant Mercenaries
A vendor that sells Matt's solo CD at many a Renaissance Faire and like event throughout the nation.
Period Productions
Productin company that runs Renaissance-themed events (and others), weddings, etc. Matt Schwarz is a musician on their roster.
retro load
Looking for old footage, commercials or anything! try here!
Sanctuary myspace
Gary the drummer's Iron Maiden tribute band's myspace.
Sligo Harps
Rick Kemper is a MD harpmaker who has been of great assistance in Matt's harp upkeep.
Swaying Ball Mailorder Music
A great distributor of underground metal and progressive music that carries Sleepy Hollow CDs at low prices.
Twain Recording (Bob Both, engineer)
Studio where Sleepy Hollow's third album is being recorded. Highly recommended!
Mark Wieske
An old friend of Matt's - Matt & Mark played Scott Joplin on guitar and flute in their duet Swipesy in the mid-90's, as well as Classical guitar duets, Irish music, etc! Matt uses Mark's chord arrangements for some of the Irish reels with Sarabande.
Life As Fashion

A HOT new website where you can explore the exciting fashion world of popular cebebrities along with extensive, in depth catagories. You will enjoy the whole journey immensely.



A friend who works for Special Protection of Women and Children for Red Cross. Contact her if you would like to help.

Metro Church
Metro Church is the home of worship for Joe Dell. This church has a full on rock band for their worship hour lead by Steve & Maria Mitchell and services lead by Pastor Pete Bruno & his wife Pam. With the glue that keeps it all together Ken & Sonia Welch. They have a unique way of worship for those who are progressive in mind body & spirit.

Friends - musical acts

Blackjacks N Blarney
A jolly fun renaissance/pirate band Matt's played a few faires with (and sat in on a few songs with!).
Burlap Lute
Paul Butler's band - these guys have the best-sounding folk CD I've heard - Celtic/Renaissance stuff. They're fantastic!
Paul Butler
One of the best medieval/renaissance musicains I've met on the Renaissance Faire circuit, Paul plays all kinds of neat early-music instruments and has a great CD!
Harper & The Minstrel
A fine duet Matt's crossed paths with at several Renaissance faires in the northeast. Lovely songs & instrumentals on harp, flute, & voice.
Jennifer Scott -violinist
Jennifer is a very talented and thoroughly trained violinst (with other musical skills) Matt met while both were performing at the CO Renaissance Festival.
Liquid Garden
Current band of Tony Renda (session bassist on some of the LEGEND recordings)
The Vengeful Few
The new Heavy Metal band featuring 2 of Joe Dell's former band mates from Spectrum Green, Tom Catuosco & John Zambri. Classic Metal with Virtuoso Vocals, In vein of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, & Dio


Colorado Renaissance Festival
Matt Schwarz's main solo gig summers of 2008 and 2009.
Musique Macabre internet radio
Includes Sleepy Hollow in its playlist of (year-round) Halloween and Horror themed music. Part of the live online radio which includes stations focusing on many different styles of music.
NJ Renaissance Kingdom
Matt Schwarz and Sarabande's main performance venue for 2004-2007 - every weekend in June!