Castle Rock Orchestra - The British Isles

The Taliesyn Overture for orchestra, narrator, and electric guitar, by Matt Schwarz, First United Methodist Church 1200 South St., Castle Rock, CO

The Castle Rock Orchestra's May 2013 concert will include the Taliesyn Overture, composed by Matt Schwarz of Sleepy Hollow. This is an orchestration of his "Song of Taliesyn", a heavy metal song influenced by English medieval dance music. The Overture has a narration on the legend of King Arthur and will feature Matt Schwarz on lead electric guitar, as well as his usual (for the orchestra) harp - there are also some flute/piccolo solos by Shaw Quirk, in a rather Jethro Tullish electric guitar/flute tradeoff section. Aside from this 7-minute work of Mr. Schwarz, the concert will feature a number of British-themed orchestral works, many of which based on traditional melodies from folk songs and Irish fiddle tunes. Matt Schwarz will be playing harp with the orchestra, and (for the first time) violin! There will also be a bagpiper for the concert, although Matt is a big slacker and won't be playing it, since he's never learned that instrument.

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