1. Seasons

From the recording Seasons

A more modern/American sounding folk song for me, although the theme resonates with the "wheel of time" worldview of Wicca and other pagan faiths. Steve Klem of Sacred Fool guesting on mando.


Leaves are falling, another year's end
Where has the time gone, where is my life?
My friends have gone on to lands far away
And I'll not see them for many a day

Winds are blowing, it's getting so cold
I'm feeling listless, useless and old
Where is the fair one who brightened my life?
She is long gone now, another man's wife

The birds are singing, got work for my hands
I've got some projects, I'm making new plans
Met a young woman, I've made some new friends
Life's looking up now, the joy never ends

The sun is shining, my life is a blur
Doing so much now, my mind's in a whirl
Another late night out with the guys
Another evening seeking love in her eyes