1. Lord Lovell

From the recording Lord Lovell

An old traditional ballad (or story-telling song), I believe from England. I only did the first 6 verses on the CD, but I've added the last 4 with my harp arrangement for the Renaissance Faires. Todd Lanka guests on 'cello on this track, although I'm afraid it's a little low in the mix!


Lord Lovell he stood by the castle gate
A-combing his milk-white steed
When up came lady Nancy Belle
To wish her lover good speed

Oh, where are you going, Lord Lovell? She said
Oh where are you going, says she
I'm going, my lady Nancy Belle
Strange countries for to see

When will you return, Lord Lovell? She said
When will you return, says she
In a year or two, or three at the most
I'll return to my lady Nancy

But he had not been gone a year and a day
Strange countries for to see
When languishing thoughts came into his mind
Lady Nancy Belle he'd go see

So he rode and he rode on his milk-white steed
Until he came to London Town
And there he heard St. Pancras's bells
And the people all mourning around

Oh what is the matter, Lord Lovell he said
Oh, what is the matter, said he
A lord's lady's dead, a woman replied
And some called her Lady Nancy

He ordered the grave to be opened forthwith
The shroud to be turned down
And then he's kissed her lily-white lips
And the tears they came pouring down

Lady Nancy she died as it might be today
Lord Lovell he died tomorrow
Lady Nancy she died of pure, pure grief
Lord Lovell he died of sorrow

Lady Nancy was buried in St. Clement's churchyard
Lord Lovell was laid down beside her
And out of her breast there grew a red rose
And out of his backbone a brier

They grew and they grew on the old church tower
Until they couldn't grow any higher
And there they tied in a true lover's know
For all true lover's to admire