From the recording The Faerie Queene

A fairy tale in musical form. I think music can be the closest thing to magic in the real world, here's my attempt to cast a spell on the listener!


Lost in thought a fine young mortal knight
Into the fairy ring did stray
Unknowing that all men who did trespass such
Enter the world twixt night and day
Exposed was he thus to the Elf-Queene
And at the mercy of her art
As, catching wind of him, she took the chase
As does the hound pursue the hart

Faerie Queene: "I saw you in a dream in which you took my hand
You lead me through a wood acrawl with things I fear
Granted me safe passage, showed me tenderness
And now, because of this, I hold you dear"

The Elf-Queene risked a ride through Man's domain
To follow this knight to his home
And raised her voice in song to catch his heart
And in their bosoms love did bloom
When in the past this queene did sport with men
She never gave her soul away
But, as they gazed into each other's eyes,
They knew their heart's desire that day

Mortal Knight: "You opened up your heart, showed me what it contained
I found true love with you when I knew your true self
Enchantments you then used to bind myself to you
Unknowing that you needed not this help"

Back to her twilight land
The Elf-Queene brings her mortal man
Beauteous wonders, beyond his dreams,
Are shown to this man by his elven queene
Glorious magic enters his mind
Washing out all thoughts of place and time
But, amidst all his joy, comes through the haze
A yearning for the life he knew in past days

Mortal Knight: "I am a man and I must ride through mortal lands
Free me if you love the knight you once knew
If I do not leave this land that you have brought me to
I will lose substance and cease to exist

"I became who I am through hard training and strict regime
My mind and my body forged towards one bright goal
To become a knight arrant and protect the common folk
I can't drop my duty and fade from this earth"

The Elf-Queene released her mortal knight
Although the parting caused her woe
A man like this cannot be kept at home
But out into the world must go
He told her he must, anon, go abroad
To give life meaning with a quest
But gave a vow to her before parting
To bring the joy back to her breast

Mortal Knight: "I shall return to you as often as I can
I'll build a home with you where we'll spend many hours
And though there may be times that we must be apart
I'll keep you always near, in my heart"