1. Two Too Late

From the recording Two Too Late

An early, jazzy Dell piano song - this offered a more musically-interesting alternative to the bland "power ballads" metal bands often use for a change of pace.



All I want is an angel from Heaven
All I get are demons from Hell
Luck it don't come so easily now
Must've thrown a slug in the wishing well

I was two too late

You're a drop of rain in the desert
Or are you a drop in the sea?
Then when I was there, looking at you
I felt I was looking at me.

I was two too late

Why is all what you gave out for free
Worth everything unto me?
You can take my flesh and my blood
But you cannot take my soul

Was I two too late?

I had to look through other's eyes
Like Jesus's hand on my face
There ain't a key for the painted door
Reality struck - I've learned my place

I was never two too late