1. Mare Crastinum

From The Recordings Html

The first non-collaborative song of Matt's to be accepted by the band - rather basic for him, but containing some of his more poetic lyrics and the whole band comes together to make a wonderful instrumental section. The title is Latin for "Sea of Tomorrow".


A sea of darkness laps in through my window
I swallow sadness, I drown in apathy
Smothered by sorrow, I drift into another night's sleep

My friends have drifted off to live their lives on islands far away
Their own grails seek, our courses no more cross
Housed in my heart, but ever distant now in space and time

My youth has washed away, it's driftwood on a long-forgotten shore
Now weather-worn, bruised and beaten down
Storm-tossed by life, I am an old man in a young man's clothes

Another day is left behind - it's gone forever now
Seek sleep for solace, hold hope the dawn brings joy...

Behold the dawn, the ocean lies before me now
I will set sail and boldly face the day

I will embark to sail into tomorrow
Focus my mind on what I need to do
To catch the wind, and steer my ship, and plot my course
A life of action is a life of pride and joy

I'll face the storm - the winds they shall awaken me
Struggle to survive makes life it's own reward

Each shore I reach is full of new adventure
I will explore it, and find it's hidden wealth
Each town or field, may prove a place of joy for me
Each stranger's face, may turn into a friend's