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Sleepy Hollow: Songs

Out Of The Mist

(Sleepy Hollow)
November 1, 1999
words by Dan Castiel, Pat Kennedy, & Matt Schwarz, music by Dell, Castiel, Melick
Another of two songs written in 1999 before Sleepy Hollow had found it's guitarist. Dan and Pat came up with the wonderfully atmospheric lyrics slightly later, to which the Mole provided the chorus/title. A favorite opener from the early days (with Dan on vocals), and the first song we attempted to record in 1999, although the sessions weren't finished. It finally sees release (with Joe and Mole trading vocals) on 2010's "Legend" album. (With an earlier, abridged, edit on 2008's "Lazarus Project").

Legend credits:
Joe - vocals, piano, organ, bass guitar
Mole- vocals, electric & acoustic guitar, flute
Gary - drums
. .

Enervate tales from beyond
Ghastly apparition of devil's spawn
Illusion of a figure, better run
Certain Doom your life is done

Out Of The Mist

A rare reflection to be told
Recruit a moral to behold
Creeping fog, blood-chilling cold
Priceless feature, bright as gold

Out Of the Mist