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Sleepy Hollow have sold thousands of copies of their EP and "Goin' Over" full-length CD worldwide since their inception in 1999. They are a tough group to label - delving in the realms of Acid Rock, Prog, and Metal, with passages more reminiscent of jazz or classical than rock music. The main lineup of Guitar, Bass, Drums, and Keyboards (with band members sharing vocal duties) is often augmented by instances of acoustic folky or classical instruments, such as flute. Their long-awaited album "Legend" - featuring an eclectic 2 hrs. of music - has been released July 2010, following a one-disc "heavy metal" version (featuring alternate mixes and non-album tracks) entitled "the Lazarus Project" out December 2008. Guitarist Matt "the Mole" Schwarz has performed solo at Renaissance Faires and elsewhere, playing traditional ballads and early music on harp, guitar, mandola, flute, recorder, etc. He has released a CD of acoustic folk songs (traditional and original) and one of solo harp instrumentals. He also performed and recorded with Sarabande (who combine Renaissance music with Irish jigs & reels and wild gypsy tunes), with Castle Musicale (a medieval/renaissance group), and played harp in the Castle Rock Orchestra (which debuted a number of Matt's orchestral works, including the finale to his symphony).  Matt is currently playing guitar in Denver rock band Odin's Other Eye and new progressive metal group Sold Future.

Why Sleepy Hollow Band music is REAL and what they make you listen to is FAKE - June 19, 2018

Joe Dell Goin' Over the book for sale on Amazon - June 5, 2018

There are 3 copies of Goin' Over hard cover available on Amazon. One has no CD. If you purchase that copy. Just contact us at and give us your info and we will send you a burned copy of the Musie CD.

Joe Dell and Dominick Braico (co writer of 90's child) have honor to meet legendary cigar blender AJ Fernandez - May 3, 2018

Joe Dell along with Dominick Braico had the honor of meeting AJ Fernandez at the Cigar Emporium on Ridge Road in Lyndhurst NJ last night in honor of owner Rich's birthday.

We caught up with Joe this morning to find out about the events of last evening

Joe Dell "Hey what's up? Yeah, freakin' great night last night. AJ is a class act all the way man. The best blender in the industry. My buddy Big Dom had informed me about AJ after I told him how much I dug the Ruination...Manowar that is. He said he was the best in the business. I mean, the Relic, LE Manowar, Rage etc. They are all top shelf. AJ was kool enough to allow me n Dom to sample his greatest creation yet before the public. It is called the Ramon Allones. Trust me, get a box when they are released, Medium to full with incredible flavor! We were honored that AJ chose to hang out with us, his quote in quote 'Italiano bodyguards' All I can say, is the man is a true gentleman and class act and Rich sure knows how to throw a party!"



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