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Sleepy Hollow: News

Joe Dell and Matt Schwarz enter the studio to mix down tracks for Sleepy Hollow - August 31, 2001

Matt and Joe have mixed down the track and are set to meet with Dave Steele who is famous for his work at Polydor, mixing such artists as Kiss Rush Bon Jovi & Deep Purple.

Main tracks finished for Goin' Over - August 25, 2001

The band is quite happy with the outcome of the track. Erol "The Director" Marz has been filming the recording process along with his 2 assistants. We caught up with Joe Dell who we hear is at the forefront of this project.

Joe, "Yeah, things are going good, I mean, We rehearsed our asses of for this fuckin' project. Things are tough and the band has a bad announcement to make real soon, but, other than that, now it will be time to mix down the tracks next weekend and then master them at DBS."

Base tracks finished for Goin' Over - August 24, 2001

The band has laid down the backing tracks and tomorrow they will lay down leads and vocals.

Sleepy Hollow have entered the recording studio to lay down tracks for Goin' Over - August 14, 2001

Sleepy Hollow have entered the recording studio to lay down 6 tracks. The 1st with be an 8 piece epic which with be the title track, featuring Broken Water, Seedy Sales, Acid Whore, Bad Reflection, Blast Off, Collapse, Farewell to a Friend & Broken Wings. Then the 5 individual tracks Pay the Price, Mare Crastinum, Rock Hard, Under the Ground and 90's Child.

Sleepy Hollow guest star at Fairlawn Pig Roast - July 16, 2001

Sleepy Hollow play a short set for a crowd of young fans who got to see their heroes, seeing they play venues for adults usually. The kids rushed the stage afterwards where the band happily signed cds, along with shirts, hats and some odd items.

Sleepy Hollow celebrate their 2 years since their incarnation - June 17, 2001

Sleepy Hollow celebrate the 2 year anniversary since Joe Dell and Dan Castiel put together Sleepy Hollow, which were fully formed by Sept. of 1999. Since then the have released their EP in late 2000 and headlined festivals and venues in the tri-state area. The band is working on their second release that will be titled Goin' Over, which will be a double CD.

Sleepy Hollow starts work on new album project with working title Goin' Over - April 23, 2001

Mole and Joe have been working on a new piece of music titled Goin' Over that is planned to be a rock opera of sorts, more as it developes

Sleepy Hollow Band headlines Limelight in NYC - March 28, 2001

Sleepy Hollow headlined New York City's famous Limelight. They hit the stage around 10 pm, and blasted out a number of their classics after entering to the Clockwork Orange Theme. They roared into Destiny where Dan sung lead and Joe Dell performed his best Hammond lead he ever played in the song, along with Mole tearin up the strings in the end lead section. Dan and Frank's harmonies were powerful as always. Then the quartet went into Unity where Frank took the lead vocals after a smooth transition from one song into the other.

Joe Dell then took the helm by performing Bach's Toccata in D Minor on the pipe organ bringing a dark overtone to the show. People cheered him on as he created an atmosphere long forgotten on that land.

From Above was presented in all it's glory with inflatable Aliens and all. People were called closer to the stage to join in with the stage show. As always, people keep their distance due to the time Joe Smashed his first keyboard at the infamous Connection's show in Clifton back in the spring of 2000. Frank spit out the almost rap like style of vocals before the band took the crowd into outer space with Joe's organ lead.

Then, it was Frank Michael Melick's time to shine! Frank performed his animated and emotional drum solo, beating out the drums until it was time for what the crowd was waiting for, his Flaming Drum Stick Solo! Joe held the powerchords for Frank to bring the kit to life!

Then the new song written by Frank and Joe titled Under the Ground was revealed for the first time. Unfortunately the sound man didn't realize it was Joe's time to sing and never adjusted the microphone's accordingly. So, all was hear was Frank's backing vocals...but. The heavy gothic song still got the crowd excited!

Due to the time restraint, the band was made to play their final song, and their name sake Sleepy Hollow, where Mole's acoustic and Joe's Sampler set the mood along with Frank's mysterious ahs and percussion. After the spoken interlude, the band went to the fast gallop where Mole's belted out the lyrics that define the band and the historic Washington Irving tale! The crowd enjoyed the headless horseman who threw out balloon wrapped gifts to the fans. The unpredicted ending was Joe Dell dragging out his organ and then chopping it to pieces with a woodsman's axe while foaming at the mouth.

The show ended with the afterparty where many patrons drank and danced to the techno that blared from the speakers

Happy New Year from Sleepy Hollow! - January 1, 2001

Happy New Year from Sleepy Hollow and to all the fans! The band would like to thank all the people who bought the 1st pressing of the cd! The new pressing will be available March 3rd. Side note, Erol "The Director" Marz will be filming a documentary on Joe Dell revolving around the band!

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