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Sleepy Hollow: News

Mole and Joe join forces again to start new acoustic tour - September 30, 2004

Mole and Joe were asked back by the many venues that housed their acoustic shows. They have been taking advantage of this opportunity to increase the sales of Goin' Over along with Mole's solo album The Lost Way and the new pressing of the EP.

Mole takes hiatus from acoustic tour for Ren Faire - June 1, 2004

Mole will be rejoining the New Jersey Renaissance Faire this summer as Joe Dell take a holiday from music to enjoy the summer with his new girlfriend.

New pressing of Sleepy Hollow EP released! - May 4, 2004

The ground breaking Sleepy Hollow EP that was originally released in the fall of 2000 has a new look! There is a complete lyric booklet and the cover no longer dones the purple and orange border. This is the 4th pressing of the cd as the sales skyrocket. People are drawn to the new older sound. More artistic and melodic as the area pulled away from the Hard Core punk sound that dominated the scene in 1999/2000. Even the Hard Core band that have played along side Sleepy Hollow have changed their sound that leans towards the more hard rock, artistic styling of Sleepy Hollow, even mainstream acts have been curved along with new bands being signed by major labels. Sleepy Hollow left their footprints and fingerprints everywhere.

Acoustic tour extended while sales increase and a search continues - March 15, 2004

Matt and Joe have extended their acoustic tour due to requests from Colleges, book stores and coffee houses request their presence. Goin' Over is continuing to sell at a steady pace. The duo are continuing to look for a new rhythm section in the mean time.

Sleepy Hollow Goin' Over hits shelves and sells like hot cakes! - February 3, 2004

Goin' Over was released today and the fans are buying it up as quickly as it was shipped out. It has been hailed as a stoner classic. We caught up with Mole and Joe to get their words.

Matt, "Yeah, it's brilliant. I wasn't too happy with the drug references at first, but, I love the way it came together. Both of us still have issues with the over all recording, but, most bands do. But, I think Joe has something he wants to say...Jospeh?"

Joe, "Mother fucker! We missed it!"

Missed what?

Joe, "Those drunk assholes in the engineer room put both takes of the second verse in Under the Ground instead of the 1 take of 2 different verses. Son of a Bitch!"

will this effect anything?

Joe, "Yes, we WILL NOT press any more copies until we get in the studio again to remix that track. Other than that, I am happy with the album. Most people wont realize the mistake, but, if you have an original copy, keep it! It is a collector's item...or it will be at least."

Sleepy Hollow Goin' Over ready to be pressed! - November 2, 2003

The art work is in and A to Z Music have everything they need! We have been inundated with emails asking when the new Sleepy Hollow album will be released. We caught up with Joe to ask him about the release date.

Joe, "Yeah, we were told 60 to 90 days before they hit the shelves. Wow! It is worth it though. What a fucking project! A lot of work went into this! I mean, musically, production wise, and also with the actors. Soldier was a big help as always. I love the way the Musie came out. So powerful. Like when Tony does the line of coke and then it goes into the double bass drums real fast. Mole wrote the masterpiece, Mare Crastinum, the bridge is very Metallica Master of Puppets type of feel, but, with my organ, it has it's own identity. I can't wait!"

Goin' Over mixes and masters complete! - July 15, 2003

The band has announced that the new mixes are completed and ready for the pressing plant. Now they are waiting on the artwork so the album can be completed. We got some words from Joe Dell

Joe, "yeah, thank God! This was a fucking nightmare! I am happy with the mixes, not completely happy but happy. No one knows how to get the sound we want! I actually mixed the sound for Under the Ground and Blast Off. No one understands, if it is in the mix, then it should me heard....a nice balance of frequencies. Well, Now we are waiting on Doris for the graphic arts. It is going to be a nice double cd package with the 80 East sign on the Musie disc and an ancient ruin on the album disc. You guys are gonna be me."

New tracks laid down for Goin' Over as tour continues - March 7, 2003

Joe and Mole have finished laying down their new tracks for Goin' Over and are prepared to mix them. They are going to have them mixed and mastered consecutively as opposed to mixing all the tracks first and then mastering them. Joe is extremely adamant about having a good sound on this recording. The duo have continued to tour the tri-state area with their new acoustic set and have been bringing people in by the hundreds, selling out of the first three pressings of the EP in the meantime. They have announced a new 4th pressing of the EP on cd with no border and lyric book. They are also planning on pressing a limited edition green vinyl pressing as well in the near future. 

Joe Dell to join Matt Schwarz on acoustic tour! - January 5, 2003

Matt Schwarz has been touring the tri-state area playing appropriate venues to present his newly recorded acoustic music. Now, he has Joe Dell joining the ranks. We actually visited them at the Jam Room to ask them about their present situation.

Matt, "I am extremely happy Joseph will be joining me. To me, he is the best keyboard player out there and now he is adding a new dimension to my songs and we are actually re-arranging some old ones as well. I love his harpsichord playing and hope we will get a track with that some day. Joseph and I are on the same page when it comes to his samples. He wants to keep it authentic, so, he is using only raw acoustic instrument samples."

Joe, "Yeah, flute, piano, harpsichord, pipe organ and....I think that's it. I have to be honest, I love the new acoustic arrangement of Goin' Over. Jazz version of Blast Off and renaissance version of bad reflection with acoustic guitar and flutes. I am tellin' ya, come out and see us, you will never see this on a video or hear any of this on a recording."

Mole finishes Solo album while Joe begins - January 1, 2003

Matt Schwarz has completed the recording, mixes and masters for The Lost Way and has submitted the tracks to A to Z music for pressing along with the art work. We caught up with Mole and asked him his thoughts on both projects.

Mole, "Hey Jim, yes, I am very excited about my album. I have had several hundred pre-orders for it and feel confident. I know I wont gather the masses, but, those who appreciate that style of music will embrace it."

and what about Goin' Over?

Mole, "Well, that is something completely different. Joseph finally has the digi tracks and a studio with two well trained and experienced engineers. He actually told me that I am going to have to come down and lay some new guitar tracks down. Down tuned and such. He also is laying some new vocal tracks and a new bass track using his sampler for Bad Reflection. Joe also wrote alternative lyrics for Too Late after our friend Charlie Gallo passed last year and we are going to record the track there as well."

would you say that Joe has been under a lot of stress?

"Oh yeah! and he wrote a great song called I'm Insane. Joseph writes his best stuff when he's pissed off."

Joe Dell finally re-enters the studio to remix Goin' Over - November 16, 2002

Joe Dell is finally set to re-mix Goin' Over, we were curious what the hold up was and we got to speak with Joe about the situation.

Joe, the songs were recorded in their entirety back in the fall of 2001, and you stated you weren't happy about the way they came out and you were going in the studio to remix the album. Can you let us and the fans know exactly what happened?

Joe, "Yeah, one of the engineers had a situation...I was fucked up. I advanced the money and the owner of the studio stole the tapes and refused to give them back until Rick (engineer) paid him the money he was owed. This was Jim Duffy's boys. They're fucked up. Finally, the situation was settled and now we are going to a different studio. This shit is driving me crazy. I just wrote a song called 'I'm Insane' because that's what I'm feelin' got a light?"

Mole to enter recording studio to work on his 1st solo album - September 28, 2002

Matt "Mole" Schwarz will be entering the recording studio to work on his first solo album titled "The Lost Way". We caught up with Mole to ask him about the endeavour.

Mole, "Oh, hi Jim, Yes, I have entered the studio and will produce a masterpiece, hopefully. It will be a new experience without the rest of the lads, but, I am willing to give it a shot. It is titled the Lost Way after a song I had been working on with Sleepy Hollow, don't quite remember if we performed it, but, a good piece none the less. After playing the Ren Faire, I had gotten a wonderful response to my acoustic music, so I will be playing it on my new solo album. I will have a guest singer as well."

Will Joe Dell or any of the other band members appear on it?

Mole, "No Jim, they will only ruin it. No, seriously, Joe is busy working on getting Goin' Over mixed, and the rest of the lads are off on their own adventures."

Matt Schwarz to join Summer Renaissance Faire - June 18, 2002

Mole will be dawning his nappy tights and lute as he joins the summer Ren Faire as a traveling musician. See him there in New Jersey!

Dan Castiel leaves Sleeepy Hollow and this is no April Fool's joke! - April 1, 2002

Yes, you heard correctly, Dan Castiel has left the ranks of Sleepy Hollow, leaving the band bassless. We caught up with Dan to get his words.

Dan,"Well, Joe and Mole are taking the band in a direction that I am not interested in going. I wanted a mix of Kiss and the Doors. That and of course, all the other influences. But, now, they seem to want to go in a heavier and slightly more progressive direction."

But, wasn't the Goin' Over suite and the second side of the EP progressive?

Dan, "Yeah, but, they still had a more commercial sound to them. Mole is working on this song Aristotle's Lantern which is ridiculous and another called Soldier's Lament and Joe wrote a song called Come with Me Melina which I feel will bore the audience. I like more mainstream arrangements. I wish them all the best. Sincerely."

Sleepy Hollow headline Wreck Room and leave a mark! - February 26, 2002

Sleepy Hollow, opened up for the Doors tribute band the Soft Parade Saturday and brought twice as many people, packing the venue. Sleepy Hollow sounded tighter than ever and put on their best performance to date! Joe had his old man mask that he debuted for Mare Crastinum and also his dragon mask with smoking nostrils was used during the Collapse section of Goin' Over. The audience was treated to a rather large joint that was thrown into the crowd at the beginning of Seedy Sales. Though the vocals f Frank Melick were missed, the boys seemed to compensate rather well. The end of the show brought out the Headless Horseman as always. There was no keyboard smashing or anything being lit on fire due to the fact the manager of the establishment threatened to ban Sleepy Hollow if any such acts occurred. After the band left the stage, the 1/8 joint was lit and passed around as the members and their fans enjoyed a flawless performance from the Soft Parade.

Delays on Goin' Over remix - November 18, 2001

There will be some delay in the remix of Goin' Over due to reel damages. The original recording were done on 1 inch reels which now need to be heated and restored and then transferred to digital to be mixed.

New mixes for Goin' Over? - November 5, 2001

The band has stated that there will be new mixes for Goin' Over. We caught of with Joe and asked him about the news.

Joe,"Well, yeah, we are happy with the band's performance and the actor's as well. Yeah, actors. There will be a second disc and it is called a Musie, which is a balance between acted out sections and musical sections. That will be the 2nd disc. Anyway, we are very unhappy with the studio and its owner. We were put in the hands of a novice who was completely unprofessional. He kept calling me Bin Laden when I pointed out something was wrong in the mix and insulted me when I would have a creative idea for an effect. He is pretty much into Hard Core punk, which is dying out around here because of us...and has no clue what good production is about. So, now, we are off to an underground studio in Saddle Brook to remix the album."

Happy Halloween! and Sleepy Hollow announces new Drummer - October 31, 2001

Sleepy Hollow has now informed the press that their replacement for Frank Melick will be Gary "C" Rinaldi.

Dan," Yeah, well, C was supposed to join a year ago when Frank was having second thoughts about the band, but, decided to stay. Now, we have fully recruited him and we are very pleased with his playing abilities and he's a cool guy too."

Sleepy Hollow will still play the Baggot Inn on the 15th - September 11, 2001

Despite our nation's tragedy, Sleepy Hollow announced they will still be playing the Baggot Inn on Sept 15th and all proceeds will be donated to the local NYFD.

Frank "Noodles" Melick annouces his departure from Sleepy Hollow - September 3, 2001

Frank Melick has officially resigned from Sleepy Hollow, He says that he will commit himself to the future shows that have been booked, but, he will be leaving to persue a solo career.

Frank, "Yeah, well, ya know, I love the guys and this is why I will stay for the shows, but, I feel held back in the band and the constant fighting is starting to get to me. I love the band, the crew and most of all the fans. God bless"

Joe Dell and Matt Schwarz enter the studio to mix down tracks for Sleepy Hollow - August 31, 2001

Matt and Joe have mixed down the track and are set to meet with Dave Steele who is famous for his work at Polydor, mixing such artists as Kiss Rush Bon Jovi & Deep Purple.

Main tracks finished for Goin' Over - August 25, 2001

The band is quite happy with the outcome of the track. Erol "The Director" Marz has been filming the recording process along with his 2 assistants. We caught up with Joe Dell who we hear is at the forefront of this project.

Joe, "Yeah, things are going good, I mean, We rehearsed our asses of for this fuckin' project. Things are tough and the band has a bad announcement to make real soon, but, other than that, now it will be time to mix down the tracks next weekend and then master them at DBS."

Base tracks finished for Goin' Over - August 24, 2001

The band has laid down the backing tracks and tomorrow they will lay down leads and vocals.

Sleepy Hollow have entered the recording studio to lay down tracks for Goin' Over - August 14, 2001

Sleepy Hollow have entered the recording studio to lay down 6 tracks. The 1st with be an 8 piece epic which with be the title track, featuring Broken Water, Seedy Sales, Acid Whore, Bad Reflection, Blast Off, Collapse, Farewell to a Friend & Broken Wings. Then the 5 individual tracks Pay the Price, Mare Crastinum, Rock Hard, Under the Ground and 90's Child.

Sleepy Hollow guest star at Fairlawn Pig Roast - July 16, 2001

Sleepy Hollow play a short set for a crowd of young fans who got to see their heroes, seeing they play venues for adults usually. The kids rushed the stage afterwards where the band happily signed cds, along with shirts, hats and some odd items.

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