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Sleepy Hollow: News

Spectrum Green 20 years old, and still ahead of their time... - October 25, 2016

Spectrum Green, the neo-prog metal band that formed in 1996 has built themselves an underground following through out the years and rightfully so. They were ahead of their time being out of their time. In 1996 Nu metal, grunge & punk were the only music being played with stragglers from the 80's still lurking in the underground. Spectrum Green developed a sound based around the new heavy metal guitar sound and the classic 60's & 70's keyboards. They had what some consider the best written songs of the time. Hidden in here is the diversity that Joe Dell has carried through out his career, the idea that no 2 sounds should sound remotely alike. Unfortunately the band saw its demise in 1999 after recording the Spectrum Green LP  at Iron Bound studios in late 1998. The album saw innovative ideas such as the end of Ready to Kill where they over lapped Mellotron strings on top of heavy guitar and piano. The Medieval break in Sympathy for a Whore was another to bring in Mellotron flute as well as a real Hammond B-3 & harpsichord. Man of a Thousand Faces and Corporate Pig mixed the modern heavy metal guitar with Hammond Organ and 70's poly synths. This whole album is available for a free download in the music section of this site. But, here is the playlist for the legendary 1996 rehearsal tapes found at the end of the Lazarus Project.

Sleepy Hollow Out of the Mist over 50,000 views and thousands of download, Happy Halloween - October 14, 2016

"Why aren't you famous? Why aren't you on the radio?" - October 11, 2016

Joe Dell, "I was asked this by a new fan. She fell in love with the Later (Empty Home) song. She was very complimentary about the song and how she was going through a divorce and how much the words meant to her and how she cries listening to it. It means a lot that my song can help heal someone during a time like that. But, as far as being famous and on the radio. I just told her to request us and she said she will every day down in Philadelphia until we are famous. Which was kool. But, I did tell her, we have sold thousands of vinyl and CD's world wide along with tens of thousands of downloads. We have good write ups in magazines and on web sites. We also have millions of hits on our site since it's incarnation in 1999. We had our lyrics on web sites before the Beatles or Zeppelin. We were here at the infancy of the net. But, for some reason, there is yet to be a label that wants to invest in our music. We always did what we wanted and doing so stand so far off from the mainstream. I mean, nothing sounds like us and we sound like nothing before or after. I guess we are here for the music lovers that are looking for something ambitious and different. Every one of our songs stand alone from the other, which is a big no no in the industry in our time. Oh Well..."

Sleepy Hollow Band is the American Gothic Folk band perfect for Halloween and this time of year - October 7, 2016

Sleepy Hollow Band looking for new label to back brand new material - September 14, 2016

Sleepy Hollow Band is looking for a label to back their new project that has been building since the recording of the Legend album. The band has half an album written of what they consider to be their best music to date. They want to work on more production on their vocals and layering as well. Here is Joe Dell to explain. "Well, we kinda did a little over biting on Legend. Musically it is probably the most ambitious album ever released, I mean that stuff was f#cking hard to learn and play, especially Sorrow's Might, Aristotle's Lantern and The Wanderer. Bob had a hell of a job mixing a lot of the music too. He said it was his most challenging to date. I mean the battle sequence in Soldier's Lament took him 3 1/2 hours to mix. Now we want to go in and do a normal 40 minute album. Half the music is written. We just want a caring label to back us, I think we have something legendary to offer." Joe Dell

Sleepy Hollow Spectrum Green glow in the dark vinyl 45 available on ebay limited 100 #'d - August 11, 2016

Too Late for the Sleepers (hidden track on Goin' Over) - August 8, 2016

The legendary Jethro Tull Passion Play 1973 MSG show from Goin Over by Joe Dell - August 2, 2016



Here is some footage from the 1973 Jethro Tull Passion Play show from Madison Square Garden that was described in detail by Roy Bernes from the Goin' Over book written by Joe Dell, 3rd edit released last month!

Joe Dell rockin' at Dio Evil or Devine recording NYC 2002! - June 14, 2016

Here, if you go to the 48 second mark, you will see our Joe Dell rocking out to Man on the Silver Mountain. Joe Dell along with Mole and Soldier attended the show which was being recorded in New York City back in 2002 for the CD & DVD release titled Evil and Divine. The 3 were involved with the recording and mixing of tracks for the Sleepy Hollow Band album Goin' Over which was later released as a book/CD set. Joe stated that this show and Dio was the reason his vocals on Seedy Sales had changed drastically. The original version of the vocals were never released or ever heard outside of the band and engineers. If you watch the DVD Evil or Divine you can see Joe Dell throughout with Soldier occasionally along with playing alittle game of spot the Mole.

Concert for 2 in Central Park - June 13, 2016

Yesterday Joe Dell and his wife Laura spent the day in NYC at the MET and in Central Park where Joe had discovered a piano, pretty much in tune. Joe had a seat and performed for passer bys and such. He made friends with 2 people in particular. Joe, "I love NYC and the people in it. Needed a day out. Met our new friends Cindi & Jeff, the latter who worked for Circus magazine back in the day which was one of my faves. They were very kool and are one of the first to hear the music planned for the 5th Sleepy Hollow Band release. I hope that piano is well taken care of, ya know, we keyboardist can't just pack OUR instrument and throw it over our shoulders."

The budgets - April 27, 2016

Sleepy Hollow have funded all 4 releases, which left them open to their creative freedom. All four releases were innovative, ground breaking and original sounding. Very non formulaic unlike the rest of the hard rock, metal & prog scene of their day. They wish to continue to release music that comes from the mind and soul and not doing what is expected.

Here is the budgets for their releases

Sleepy Hollow EP: $5000

Goin' Over: $13,000

The Lazarus Project: $3000

Legend: $27,000

The band is hoping to get in the studio soon for their 5th release, The line-up has not yet been established, but, Joe Dell & Matt Schwarz will be involved, Dan Castiel has been rumored to be involved. No word on the drummer.

Sleepy Hollow Band still selling music! - April 26, 2016

Just got notifications that we sold out of Goin' Over and Lazarus Project. Not bad for a band who hasn't played out since 2006 and has no label or promotion, we thank you all for the constant support. We are working on getting something together for you, the fans. We have some music written and would love to get it recorded and hopefully out on tour as well.

Quentin Tarantino an influence on Joe Dell...and Vice Versa? - April 24, 2016

With the release of Quentin Tarantino's new movie the Hateful Eight, some have speculated that he may have read Joe Dell's book Goin' Over before his new creations. We asked Joe himself about this. Joe Dell, "At first, when it was pointed out to me, I thought it preposterous. But, i do understand where someone would get that. Like Samuel L Jackson getting shot in the crotch and the hero in my book shooting the rapists in the crotch and other little elements like the mention of Ennio Morricone which he had write the score to the Hateful Eight. I actually gave a copy of my book to a gentleman, who is good friends with is agent or something, that got it in Quentin's hands. If he read the book and if anything was an influence, it would be a great honor to me. I mean, he was one of the influences on that book as well, along with Stephen King, The Godfather, The Bad Lieutenant and such. I was heavily into Reservoir Dogs when it came out and Pulp Fiction. The kind Italian guy who got my book to him, did it in the hopes that he would be interested in turning Goin' Over into a movie. I thought it would be kool, but, it was pointed out to me that he writes the story line to his own movie. Shame, but, hopefully, one day it will be turned into a movie and if he did read it, i hope he enjoyed it half as much as I do his movies."

Joe Dell reflects on Prince and Purple Rain as in Goin' Over book in tribute to his passing. - April 21, 2016

Joe Dell, "Yeah, as anyone who read my book knows, Purple Rain was a life saver. I'll tell the story now, in memory or Prince who died today at 57 I believe. Yeah, it was back in the day, somewhere after we released the EP in 2000. Snake gave me a half ounce of biker weed. It was weak. I made some cookies with it, not knowing what to do, I threw in everything! Sticks, seeds, and all! I didn't know you were supposed to cook it in the butter then sift it. So, we ate the whole batch, after like an hour or so, it finally kicked in. I called Snake and we played it off for a bit, trying to play tough guy ya know. Until we broke down and admitted we were fucked up! I threw up a few times and still was fucked up. Then I called Dan (Castiel) and asked if Queen Wizard was around. He said no, and I was like, I'm coming over. I didn't want to be in that state around the family....a very drug free family at that. So, I drove to Hackensack from Lodi and made it to the apartment. I was fucked up, did I mention that? So after an hour, Shannon and Queen Wizard came home. QW being and old hippie knew how to talk me down and explained what I was going through was nothing thousands of others have been through. So, she sat me down, gave me a drink and put on Purple Rain. I watching this movie with Prince in it and am like, fuck, when am I coming down? Finally, the scene comes on with the one dude on stage and he's dancing and another dude comes on stage with a mirror so the guy on stage can fix his hair while he was dancing. Then the guy puts the mirror under his arm and starts to dance in sequence with the lead singer. I start dying laughing, soooo hard! I finally started coming down. After that, Queen Wizard bought me Purple Rain and Prince was in my collection ever since. God rest."

Happy 420 from Sleepy Hollow! - April 20, 2016

Sleepy Hollow remembers Tony DeSimone on his 47th birthday in Heaven! - March 23, 2016

Happy St. Patty's Day from Sleepy Hollow Band - March 17, 2016

Joe Dell pays tribute to Keith Emerson - March 11, 2016

In the passing of Keith Emerson today Sleepy Hollow mourns the loss of this musical icon in rock history. Here is Joe Dell to say a few words. "Well, he was one of the 3 greats, Jon Lord, Rick Wakeman being the other two, of which I was honored to be compared to in a write up. That being said, I have been a fan of Keith's since I was a teenager. The first album I owned was Brain Salad, like most. His incredible playing stood out and he was the sound and musical core of ELP and eventually I owned the whole collection along with The Nice where he does a killer job on America and the beautiful piano in Hang on to a Dream. I always said, Jon Lord was the greatest on the Hammond, Rick Wakeman was the greatest on the synth and on piano no one came close to Keith Emerson. Just listen to his solo on Welcome Back My Friends. I actually bought a Leslie speaker from Keith's NY Hammond tech. He told me about the class act Kieth was. He has left us with a library of top shelf music and raised the bar high for all other keyboard players in rock. God rest."

Joe Dell pays respect to Noose - March 10, 2016

The sad news of the passing of talented Gangsta Rapper Noose have reached the Sleepy Hollow camp. Joe Dell will speak a few words. "Well, yeah, it was a complete shock and saddening. Noose, for those who don't know him, was a very talented rapper from Paterson New Jersey....the city I was born in. He was represented by my good friend AD. I was introduced to Noose at the Salah Edin on Main St in Paterson. Noose was a young, tall, slender Middle Eastern man with class and personality. He was working on a project and wanted to use live musicians, so Junior and myself were asked to lay down guitar and Organ. We were happy to do so. So, we went to Noose's studio in JC where we were treated like royalty by Noose. His whole crew was kool, including his brother Omar. Junior and I were treated to drink, smoke, anything we desired. I mean, it was hard core. After we laid down the tracks we would run into Noose now and then, but it has been a while, especially after my accident. I'll miss Noose, God rest his soul."

The complete video play list for Sleepy Hollow Band at Limelight NYC & aftershow - March 3, 2016

Joe Dell plays Tchaikovsky in response to College professor - February 29, 2016

Joe Dell, trying to help college professor Alan Huckleberry with his prevailant timing issues advised him to work with a metronome, said professors responded with, did Tchaikovsky have a metronome and I'd like to see you do it, in reference to the 63 bpm note in the song book. Well, here is Joe's response via youtube video. We are still awaiting Mr. Huckleberry's video response, playing it in 63 bpm to a metronome to prove he was swaying on purpose using "Rubato" as he claimed rather than just poor timing that needs improvement.

Happy Valentine's from Sleepy Hollow Band, the Headless Horseman and the boyz! - February 14, 2016

Julianne Hough Model on Later? - February 1, 2016

Rumors have started after Julianne Hough who portrayed Sandy in Grease Live last night. People are speculating on who the mysterious "Model" is on Joe Dell's Later (Empty Home). Many are starting to believe that Miss Hough may be the mysterious female vocalist who only went by the name "Model" on the masterpiece pop ballad. Though the voices are eerily similar, we caught up with Joe Dell and asked him.

"Well, I promised her I would never reveal her identity to the public. I believe her reasoning was that we are perceived as a drug orientated band and she does not want that stigma attached to her name.  But, and I can assure you and the public, it ain't her." Joe Dell

Mole pops by for a lil lunch with Joe Dell and discuss Sleepy Hollow's past and future - December 30, 2015

Merry Christmas from Sleepy Hollow! - December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas from Sleepy Hollow!

God bless you and yours!

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