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Sleepy Hollow: News

NJ Renaissance Kingdom 2007 - May 30, 2007

Matt will be performing again at the NJ Renaissance Kingdom - weekends June 9 - July 1. Matt plays and sings with the Reveller song & dance group, the Wench & Rogue show, and his group Sarabande. See the gig page for more details.
To see previous performances, check out or just search for NJ Renaissance Kingdom on youtube. There's also some rare footage of Sleepy Hollow on you tube from the 2006 Wicked Winter Renaissance Faire, to see us do a version of "Sleepy Hollow" with just flute, harpsichord, and vocals go to .
Progress continues on the forthcoming Sleepy Hollow CD - check out the new soundclip of "Armageddon" with vocals at our songs page.

4 More Songs Tracked - April 30, 2007

April 29 saw us nail 4 new backing tracks for the forthcoming CD. This is some of our most metal stuff, not to mention progressive. Gary, as usual, is a dream to work with, banging out fantastic drum patterns spot on for complex songs he's just learned. We're excited by the new tracks, check out the samples of: Aristotle's Lantern, Armageddon, Troubled Times, and Farewell to Wilderness. So far we've got about 67 minutes of music and we've still got about 5 songs to go!

Early Sound Clips Posted - April 4, 2007

So, we've put up some sound clips as a hint of the forthcoming album, tentatively entitled "Legend". These are just the mixes we got off the desk after recording - some parts may be replaced, overdubs and vocals added, sounds tweaked and instrument levels mixed, etc. but it's a hint of the music forthcoming. The clips posted on our "Songs" page are: Joan, The Wanderer, Soldier's Lament, Nadia's Song, The Mirror, and The Butterfly Queen. We'll put up better clips as we do solos & vocals, mixing, etc. Other songs for this album will include:
I'm Insane, Aristotle's Lantern, Armageddon, For The World Is Hollow & I Have Touched the Sky, Too Late, Sorrow's Might, and more!
Matt Schwarz's spring Renaissance season kicks off this month, please check the gig page for upcoming Matt Schwarz & Sarabande performances. Also, go to our links page and hit Sanctuary to see about drummer Gary Rinaldi's Iron Maiden tribute gigs - they'll be playing in the area April 21 and 28.
Last but not least, keyboardist Joe Dell had a beautiful wedding to the lovely Annie Rowland. They have a wonderful love for each other and we all wish them a joyous life together!

March 11 2007 - March 11, 2007

Today Matt and Joe entered the studio to lay down some tracks. Unfortunately due to ill health Joe was unable to put anything of substance down. Matt on the otherhand layed down some nice Harp and Dulcimer on the"Sodier's lament" track which came out beautifully. He also put down some vocals. There will be a brief break for the Wedding of Joe Dell to miss Annie Rowland.Sleepy Hollow will resume the completion of their forth coming album in the Spring in which hopefully there will be some samples to download off the web site. Sleepy Holow would like to extend their love and gratitude to all their fans for their support.

9 TRACKS DOWN - March 6, 2007

Sleepy Hollow are excited about the new album under way. They have 9 tracks down and are planning another 8 which will probably turn out to be a double album. Matt and Joe are going in the studio this weekend to lay down some over dubs. "Working with Gary has been a pleasure, he takes to the songs quickly and is very creative. Mole has written a little accoustic prog materpiece called 'the wanderer' which I can't wait for people to hear. To top things off Bob Both is a master behind the control panel. I'm finally completely satisfied with our engineer. He has worked with James Brown and gives us the same respect and professionalism." Hopefully they will have some samples availible for download in the coming months.

New Sleepy Hollow Album Under Way! - January 30, 2007

We have laid down backing tracks for the first six songs of the forthcoming Sleepy Hollow CD at Twain Recording Studios ( in West Milford, NJ. First of all, we'd like to say that working with Bob Both (engineer) and Gary Rinaldi (drums) is a great experience so far, and we're confident they will help bring our music up to the next level! So far we've recorded backing tracks on a number of Joe's excellent "acoustic Sleepy Hollow" pieces (The Butterfly Queen, I'm Insane, Joan, Nadia's Song) as well as two of the Mole's newer, prog-rockish tunes (The Wanderer and The Mirror). Stay tuned for more information as recording continues!

Gary Rinaldi announced as drummer for new Sleepy Hollow recordings - January 20, 2007

Gary Rinaldi, already familiar with Sleepy Hollow fans from his recent live work with the band (as well as being the drummer for Iron Maiden tribute Sanctuary), will be playing drums on the new Sleepy Hollow recordings. Up this week for recording are acoustic Sleepy Hollow duets "Too Late", "The Butterfly Queen", and "I'm Insane". Soon to follow is our acoustic epic "The Wanderer", which has added a whole new dimension thanks to some atmospheric orchestral percussion by Gary.

Studio Booked for Forthcoming New Album - January 9, 2007

Sleepy Hollow has booked some studio time this month to finally start work on the long-awaited followup to "Goin' Over". First up for recording are the acoustic Sleepy Hollow pieces we've played out at our duet gigs, and hopefully we'll follow soon with some electric material for either a double album or a pair of new CDs. If things go well, we'll try to post some rough mixes next month!

New Sound Clips Posted! - November 3, 2006

We've thrown up a bunch more sound clips on the "Lyrics & Sound Clips" Page - including:
Sleepy Hollow bootlegs & demos of not-yet-recorded songs (old & new, but pardon the sound quality!) , more Matt Schwarz & Sarabande clips from their albums, and the entire album by Spectrum Green, Joe Dell's project before Sleepy Hollow. Spectrum Green was a strong mix of influences: classic prog (Genesis, Tull) and metal (Iron Maiden, Deep Purple), and modern pop-punk vocals which should be excused if these clips are sampled, the vocals are very harsh but there are some good arrangements present under them. Similar yet different to Sleepy Hollow - check it out!
Hopefully we'll have some new STUDIO recordings coming your way this winter!

Halloween Gig a Success - November 1, 2006

Well, after the weather fiascos at the Nightmare gigs (Friday cancelled due to high winds closing event, Sunday due to threats of rain and uncovered stage) - not to mention Matt's NHRF gig losing one day due to rain - Sleepy Hollow had perfect weather for their Halloween show in Lodi. With the help of Gary Rinaldi on drums, the band performed a rockin' set which was filmed with the intention of posting it on the web. Thanks to all who came out and supported us, and the new fans we made that night!

Nightmares gig Switch! - October 20, 2006

Our apologies to anyone who attempted to see us Friday, Oct. 20 - the venue closed due to extremely high winds at the last moment. We were all psyched to play and very disappointed to miss out! We will try to perform Sunday at 8 - 10, but since it's an outdoor gig and rain is forecast, that may likely fall through also.

Sleepy Hollow October Gigs!! - September 16, 2006

Sleepy Hollow will be performing electric rock shows on October 20th & 22nd at the Nightmare's Haunted Attraction ( ) in Montvale, NJ! See the gig page for further details.
Also, in Sleepy Hollow news Matt & Joe have found a studio and will be entering soon to record again! First up are some of our acoustic Sleepy Hollow duet pieces, which we are very proud of and wish to finally get on CD.

Matt Schwarz summer tour - August 5, 2006

Matt Schwarz will be performing at Renaissance Faires in NY, PA, and NH in the coming months - please check the gig page for dates and locations! Unfortunately, the Festival Of The Lion in Massachussetts was cancelled due to vandalism destroying the festival site.

In other news, Matt and Joe are working with musicians and touring studios for the next Sleepy Hollow recording, we hope to begin soon!

Sarabande debut CD available! - July 1, 2006

Sarabande's (self-titled) debut CD was completed mid June, in time for the Pirates of Tortuga festival! Sarabande, with the able assistance of engineer George The Whip, has recorded 18 tracks of our favorite Renaissance, Irish, and gypsy folk that are alternatively lively, mysterious, and soothing. We're very excited about it and reviews have been favorable. We're still pressing them ourselves, so if you'd like a copy contact Matt ( and we'll work out details. See the CDs/Merch page for track listing.

Pirates of Tortuga Festival - May 31, 2006

Shiver me timbers! Come see Matt Schwarz perform at the NJ Renaissance Kingdom's Pirates of Tortuga festival, every weekend in June. Matt will be performing with the following groups there: Sarabande (Irish, gypsy, and renaissance instrumentals), the Wench & Rogue show (bawdy and drinking songs), and the Revellers (song & dance troupe). Check out the gig page and for more information.

May Renaissance Gigs & Sarabande CD - May 4, 2006

Sarabande is about halfway through recording our CD! We've done some exciting and lovely tracks with the assistance of George Bogorad's engineering. Hopefully we'll have early copies ready for the NJ Renaissance Kingdom's "Pirates of Tortuga" festival in June.
Matt's hitting a couple new Ren Faires this May - the Hudson Valley Mayfair in New Paltz, NY and the Virginia Renaissance Faire - see the gig calendar for additional details. NOTE The address I had for the VARF was for their fall event, I have corrected it to the right address in Spotsylvania (a little more central VA).

new album in works - April 20, 2006

Today sleepyhollow was in the jam room working on a new cd. They plan on putting together a 40 sum odd minute piece of music. There is no working title yet but there were a few riffs and movements that have come out of the session. They are very excited because this is the first time they have written together since 2003 when they started work on the acoustic set. More news on this as it developes.

April News - April 12, 2006

Renaissance season is in full swing for Matt, having performed at Drew U's That Medieval Thing this April, and debuting at The Hudson Valley Mayfaire and the Virginia Renaissance Faire in May. Sarabande has begun work on their first CD, tentatively titled "Sarabande's first CD".

March 2006 News - February 25, 2006

Sleepy Hollow enjoyed their venture into the Renaissance world last month. Matt is gearing up for his coming renaissance faire season - check out the gig calendar for the dates already confirmed (more to follow!). He'll be hitting the old favorites, as well as some new festivals this year (like the Virginia RF and the Festival of the Lion in Massachusetts), and adding some new instruments to his arsenal (Irish flute, mandola). His renaissance group Sarabande is currently in preproduction for an upcoming CD.

Sleepy Hollow Acoustic Gig, January News - January 3, 2006

Happy New Year! 2006 brings a combination Sleepy Acoustic Hollow (6:30 PM) and Matt Schwarz (2:30 PM) gig at Jeff Mach's Wicked Winter Renaissance Festival in Edison, NJ on Febuary 11. Matt will be doing his usual Renaissance folk solo music, and Sleepy Acoustic Hollow will perform a set of their more appropriate material in the evening. See our "GIGS" page for details, directions, and website.
Also in the news, Joe Dell has done some session work (with Kevin Minetti and Erol Mars) on the cover of the Irritating Rainbow song "No Problem" - hear it at (the sample's on the homepage). Meanwhile Matt Schwarz has been splitting his time between polishing material for a medieval and renaissance harp CD, and working with the versatile drummer Kevin O'Boyle on some of his (Matt's) more progressive-metal pieces, with the intention of recording them for a solo album - or, if Joe wishes to join in, a Sleepy Hollow CD.

October News - October 7, 2005

October brings sad tidings to Sleepy Hollow, due to the passing of keyboardist Joe Dell's father, Joseph Dellamast, Sr. Mr. DellaMast was very generous to Sleepy Hollow in allowing us to disturb his peace and quiet on a regular basis by practicing in his home, as well as buying Joe his first organ, etc. We hope he is now happy in the company of Mrs. Dellamast and Elvis.
Matt Schwarz will be performing with Sarabande violinist Julia Hull at the NJ Family Medieval Festival in Stanhope, NJ on Oct. 22 & 23 - please contact for discounted advance tickets.

September News - September 13, 2005

Sleepy Hollow's Rutgers gig on September 20 has been changed to a Matt Schwarz solo gig, due to the illness of Sleepy Hollow keyboardist Joe Dell's father. Please join us in hoping for improved health for Mr. Dellamast, who has been very kind in allowing the band to rehearse in his house many times over the years!!

At the Red Lion Cafe, in the Rutgers College Ave Student Center at 11:30 to 1 (midday) , on Tuesday, Sept. 20, Matt will perform solo instead of the full band. Matt will be performing his folky Renaissance music, (mostly with the harp)combined with his originals from his solo album.

Matt will also be appearing at the Wrightstown, PA Village Renaissance Faire the weekend of Sept. 17 and 18. This is a fun little Faire a little south of New Hope, check out the Gigs page for details!

Metal Maniacs/Vintage Vinyl - July 1, 2005

Check out the current issue of Metal Maniacs for a review of Sleepy Hollow's "Goin' Over" CD! Also, Sleepy Hollow's CDs are now available at Vintage Vinyl (Rt 1 & Fords Ave., Fords, NJ 08863 or In case you don't know, Vintage Vinyl is the coolest CD shop on the planet, with extensive sections on Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Industrial, etc. - if you're looking for that hard-to-find White Willow, Finntroll, or Inkkubus/Sukkubus CD, or maybe the new cyber-Eddie toy, Vintage Vinyl is the place to go! This month Sleepy Hollow is relatively quiet - just working on arrangements for our next album, as Matt plays harp at Ren Faires, libraries, and weddings.

See Matt At The NJ Renaissance Faire - June 2, 2005

Matt is performing at the NJ Renaissance Kingdom at the South Mountain Reservation in South Orange every weekend this June. He'll be singing and playing harp, recorder, flute, and guitar solo and with the Revelers (song & dance troupe), Wench & Rogue Show (bawdy & drinking songs), and Sarabande (Renaissance, gypsy, and Irish group). There will also be many other fine shows and acts, stuff to buy, etc - see for more details and directions.

NJ Renaissance Kingdom this June! - May 5, 2005

Not much happening this month, due to Matt's preparing for the NJ Renaissance Kingdom in June - see the gig page for details. If interested in reduced-rate tickets to the Faire, e-mail Matt by May 15 at Matt will be doing some promotional appearances for the faire, & Sleepy Hollow's teaching our new drummer some of our classics and preparing material for our next CD. Check out the Merch page for our new T-shirts and stuff!
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