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Sleepy Hollow: News

Matt Schwarz at CORF video - June 29, 2008

Here's a shady character spotted at the Colorado renaissance Faire:

Annie Dell to hit studio July 1st! - June 24, 2008

Annie Dell, wife of keyboard player Joe Dell, is set to hit the studio on July 1st. She will be laying down vocals for a track on the upcoming album 'Legend' titled 'Nadia's Song'. It was written from the perspective of a woman, so female vocals are appropriate. Joe Dell, might be laying down some of his finishing vocals. He has 2 1/2 tracks left as far as vocals. Joe Dell will also be laying down the remaining bass lines. He will be using a Rickenbacher and Fender P Bass which will be lent by Tom & John from The Vengeful Few.

Matt Schwarz at CO Renaissance Festival - June 15, 2008

The 2008 CORF season, at which Matt Schwarz is performing on harp, has begun. His schedule for the first weekend (which may or may not change as the festival progresses) was:
10 AM - musician's jam at front gate
10:30 AM front gate solo
11:30 AM fountain stage
1 PM Celestial Stage
2:30 PM tree and table area at top of fairegrounds
4 PM fountain stage
5 PM bakery stage
6 PM musician's jam at front gate
So, if you go to CORF and you don't hear Matt, you're just not trying!

Limited Edition Numbered Sleepy Hollow Green Vinyl EP complete & Availible! - May 23, 2008

The long awaited Sleepy Hollow green vinyl EP is now availible! It is a limited edition green vinyl pressing! There are 1000 availible! They will be numbered, they will be sent out #1 first and so on. The records will be sent out in the order of the receipt of the payment. It contains the original tracks off of the original EP: Destiney, 2 too late, From Above(incl: celestial travel), Sleepy Hollow. There is a bonus instrumental track titled The Butterfly Queen. It has flute and harpsichord. It was intended to be on the new album Legend, but it was to fast to sing over so it was rerecorded on piano with no flute. This version will ONLY show up on the vinyl EP and will NEVER appear on CD. Look for info in our Merchendise section of Web Site! or Ebay!

Test Pressings for Sleepy Hollow vinyl ok'd!!! - May 6, 2008

The test pressings arrived today for the Sleepy Hollow vinyl EP. They were perfect and were OK's by the band. They will be availible to the public very soon. The vinyl captures a depth to the sound that was missed on the cd plus a bonus instrumental track titled 'the butterfly queen' It will be on green vinyl and only limited to 1000 copies!

Matt Schwarz to perform at Colorado Renaissance Festival! - April 24, 2008

Matt Schwarz has taken the step up to perform harp at the CORF ( in Larkspur, Colorado this summer, weekends from June 14- August 3, 2008!

Color Vinyl pressing of EP to have unreleased track! - April 11, 2008

The green vinyl pressing of the Sleepy Hollow EP will have a bonus track that wasn't on the original cd release. The instrumental track titled 'Butterfly Queen' will be the 3rd track on side A. The vocal version will be on the upcoming Legend album. The vocal version is played on a baby grand piano with female vocals. The instrumental track features Harpsichord and Flute. The instrumental version will not appear on the new album titled Legend and may never appear on any other release other than the vinyl version of the Sleepy Hollow EP. The bonus track is a way of rewarding the hard core Sleepy Hollow fans and the vinyl junkies.

Joe Dell gets infected tooth removed, should be ready to finish vocals in few weeks - April 6, 2008

Joe Dell, who has been suffering from ill health since New Years, had an infected wisdom tooth removed in the beginning of the week. He has been hesitant about entering the studio, seeing the tracks that are left for him to lay vocals over are in need of some difficult singing, so he wants to be in top form for doing so. More news as it developes...

Sleepy Hollow EP to be rleased on Color Vinyl!!! - April 3, 2008

The Legendary Sleepy Hollow EP from 2000 will finally make its way onto vinyl! The gears have already been started to move! The pressing will be a limited release on green vinyl. Joe Dell, "We have been neglecting the vinyl collector's for years. It is unfortunate because I am a big vinyl junkie myself. I have always preferred vinyl above other forms of audio media. When you clean up a sound for CD release, in doing so you are removing certain frequencies along with the unwanted noise. Therefor the intruments end up loosing some of their natural sound. Also, you loose perspective of some of the greatest artwork. In case the masterpiece that Pru Albers(who now works for MacFarland toys) created for our first album." The marketing haasn't been planned out yet, but it will be a wonderful collector's item!

Triple B working out Bass tracks for Out of the Mist & For the World is Hollow(and I have touched the sky) - March 27, 2008

Joe Dell has been helping Triple B work out the bass tracks for Out of the Mist,which most likely will the the albums starter, and For the World is Hollow(and I have touched the sky) which the title was taken from an early Star Trek episode. Joe Dell "Triple B is a more than capable musicain. He was the one of the few kids back in the day that DIDN'T throw out is Yngwie Malmsteen lesson tape and actually mastered it. He was in Spectrum Green with me over 10 years ago and was gracious enough to offer his assistance on the 'Legend' album and has already come through strong! It is going to take a couple of months before he has all the bass tracks down but it will be well worth it. He is a phenominal musicaian and translates to the bass very well. Guitar being his main instument. We needed somebody who can come in and REALLY lay down bass lines rather than use root notes. Mole or I could have done that. I am still battling a sinus infection, so I haven't been down to the studio to lay down the last of my vocal tracks. I am extremely proud of the overall results of this album and know it will be leaps and bounds our best! All the elements are extremely professional and creative." Moles mum was at home enjoying tea and biscuts at this time.

Happy Easter from Sleepy Hollow - March 23, 2008

Sleepy Hollow would like to wish their thousands of fans a Happy Easter. Thank you very much for your support through the years, especially the difficult ones. We appologize for the long wait for our new album Legend. There will be over 2 hours of music spanning our 9 year career. There will be songs from Out of the mist, which was the first Sleepy Hollow song ever written up to Ursula's Nightmares which was an improve written in the studio last year. We want this to be as good as it can possibly get, so therefor we are taking the time and effort to produce the cd the best way possible. Bob Both has been the biggest help and the topping factor. C & BBB are adding the virtuoso level to the songs as well. You will be in for a work of art once the project is finally finish, It will be worth the wait! Thank you again and a safe holiday for all! CHEERS!

Mole lays down new vocal tracks / triple b pukes for St. Patty's day & lays down 2 bass tracks - March 17, 2008

On Mole's successful trip back to New Jersey he got to accomplish all he set out to do. He enjoyed Middle Eastern food at the Salah Edin (paterson's best Middle Eastern food resteraunt). He got to see Iron Maiden perform some old classics that they haven't done in decades! He entered to studio to touch up some vocal tracks. Oh yeah! and he got to see his mum! Triple B entered the studio on Sunday and laid down bass tracks for Armageddon & Farewell to Wilderness. They came out magnificent. He also had the privelage of vomiting in Bob Both's sink after taking a swig of Joe Dell's ol' #7!!!

Mole Returns to Met Area For Iron Maiden & Studio & Middle Eastern Food...oh Yeah and his Mum - March 2, 2008

Matt Schwarz is returning to New Jersey from Colorado with Fiance Kim Stewart...well soon;), and visit his mum. Since Iron Maiden is playing only 2 dates in the States and being one of Matt's mentors and down right kick ass band. He will be returning for the NJ show on Mar 14th. and visit his mum. He will be entering the studio once again for vocal touch ups and his last minute additions. Triple B will be goin in as well to lay down bass tracks for Armaggedon and Farewell to Wilderness. Mole's mum will not be there. He will be going in to Paterson to the Salah-Edin to enjoy some Middle Eastern food which he enjoys and can not obtain in Colorado. Nor his mum can cook. Joe Dell will be tagging along through the agenda and is in no way shape or form related to Mole's mum. Joe Dell, "Mole has been like the brother to me which whom you can trust with money or women but must keep both eyes on around your dessert...oh yeah and he has a swell mum."

Legend update! Goin Over remix in Future - January 27, 2008

Due to ill health, Joe Dell hasn't been able to make it into the studio to finish his vocals yet. Triple B is still working on the Bass parts to lay down for the Legend tracks. Goin' Over will be remixed by the Legendary Bob Both for the next pressing. There will be 2 new bonus tracks on the new pressing! Plus the vocal tracks will be fixed for Under the Ground which contained 2 of the same verses on the original pressing. There is a new pressing of the EP availible with lyric book. More news as it developes...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! - December 31, 2007

Sleepy Hollow wishes all the fans and people who have supported the band for the past 8 years a happy new year! 2008 will be a big year for Sleepy Hollow! The new double CD Legend will be released! There will be a rerelease of Goin' Over with new bonus tracks! There will be a motion picture in the works for Goin Over! Thank you again to one and all and be Safe! CHEERS!

Merry Christmas!!!! - December 23, 2007

A Very Merry Christmas to family, friends and fans from Sleepy Hollow!!!!! God Bless you all!!!!!!

A Joe Dell Christmas memory! - December 16, 2007

As by Joe Dell: "This time of year brings back many memories. One special memory of the Christmas season brings us back a few years when my wife and I were engaged. It was the Saturday before Christmas. The firetruck was bringing Santa Claus around for the neighborhood. As the truck was passing by, my wife and I were watching him pass. There was one of his helpers watching us through the window. I was shirtless and my wife in her nightgown. We were kneeling by the window. I started bouncing up and down frantically yelling SANTA!SANTA!SANTA! The helper looked at us with a strong look of disgust. I couldn't figure out why 'til later. Then it dawned on me that through the window it must of looked like we were getting busy to Santa! Funny how an imagination can run wild! That was a throwback to a wonderful Christmas memory!

New soundclips posted - December 7, 2007

We've put up some more soundclips with our vocal takes from the ongoing LEGEND sessions, check them out on the songs page!
I'm Insane
Sorrow's Might
For the World is Hollow
La Femme Arme

TRIPLE B LENDS HAND - December 6, 2007

Mike Allen, better know as triple B, is planning on laying bass parts down on the new Sleepy Hollow CD Legend. He was the first guitar player in Joe Dell's first band (Spectrum Green). He started off by working on a project with virtuoso lead guitarist Mark Rizzo(Soul Fly). Afterwards he joined Spectrum Green, playing guitar with both projects, later working with Brotha' John. Triple B was doing some guest vocals for the Legend album, heard the bass tracks on the album were not yet completed, and offered to lend a hand. Joe Dell "I believe Triple B to be more than capable. He is a virtuoso and puts %110 into everything he does!" More updates to come....

JOE DELL GETS ROBBED!!!!! - December 5, 2007

Joe Dell went into the studio early today with old Spectrum Green band member Mike "BBB" Allen to lay down some backing vocals. When they emerged from the studio around 9:00 pm he was shocked to see that his car stereo,a gift from Mole, was ripped out! Joe Dell,"I recorded in Newark N.J. and never had anything happen to my car, I am totally in shock! It was like a would never imagine anything like this can happen in such a remote town. It made me laugh more than anything, and yet confused me.

2 IN THE CAN! - November 29, 2007

Yes! Joe Dell with the help of the legendary Bob Both has laid down vocal tracks to I'm Insane and For the World is Hollow(and I have touched the sky)! Rumor has it that Original Drummer Frank Melick may make it into the studio to lay down some vocal tracks for the forthcoming CD titled Legend! More news as it appears!

Sleepy Hollow on Musique Macabre radio - November 5, 2007

Our song "Sleepy Hollow" has been added to the playlist of goth & horror -themed Musique Macabre radio on internet radio . (For anyone interested in hearing non-mainstream radio, internet radio is a fantastic development, where you can get a whole station devoted to prog rock or power metal that isn't afraid to play 15-minute tracks, or unique music like Finntroll, White Willow, or Van Der Graaf Generator.)
As far as album progress lately, we had some wonderful guest vocals by Christina Kirk, whose fantastic singing at the NJ Renaissance Kingdom inspired Matt to ask her to sing on The Butterfly Queen and the refrain to Sorrow's Might, and Anne LaBella, whose classically-trained voice gives an almost Nightwish-type feel to La Femme Arme, as well as a lovely acappella duet with Christina at the beginning of that song. La Femme Arme also now includes a contrapuntal harmony flute by Lisa Thompson of Sarabande. Hopefully we'll get some Joe Dell vocals down soon so we can hear a more finished version of such gems as "I'm Insane" and "Come With Me Melena".

Almost finished with tracks!!! - October 8, 2007

Matt Schwarz has been in the studio finishing up his tracks before his move to Colorado. There will be more tracks laid down on Wed Oct 10th. Joe Dell has finished all his keyboard tracks and will be working on his vocals shortly. Bob Both has been a big help and ispiration in the studio. He has offered the first professsional help the band has experienced! This will be the best CD yet! 2cds over 2 hours of music! Thank you again to all the thousands of people who have supported the band through the years!


A big congratulations to Jen and Frank Melick! They just had a new baby girl named Scarlet! Frank being the original drummer of Sleepy Hollow has just had this joyess occation and you can enjoy it with them. This joyess event will be broadcast in the spring of 2008 on TLC's baby stories. Good job guys!!!!

Gary's work here is done! - September 4, 2007

Well, today we went in and laid 45 minutes of backing tracks with Gary the drummer - ending his work on the album! We did two last songs for the forthcoming Legend CD - a 13-minute rendition of a centuries-old Swedish folk ballad entitled "Sorrow's Might" and a 15-minute avant-garde improv (think King Crimson's "Devil's Triangle" or Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma"), as well as a rerecording and some bonus tracks for the next pressing of GOIN' OVER. We can't say how wonderful it has been to work with such an inventive and professional drummer as Gary Rinaldi - thanks, Gary!
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