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Sleepy Hollow: Songs

Troubled Times

(Sleepy Hollow)
October 17, 2007
lyrics: Schwarz; music: Schwarz, Castiel, Melick, Dell
This song started with a riff from Mole, which Dan rearranged and Frank wrote lyrics to, becoming an early Sleepy Hollow favorite entitled "Unity". Mole later resurrected the song with new lyrics and a central instrumental section (in which the riff reappears in it's original form). Joe added some nice harmony bits over the instrumental. Lyrically, it's a response to the rather depressing world events of the early 2000s.

Mole - vocals, electric guitar
Joe - synth, piano, bass guitar
Tony Renda ( - bass guitar
Gary - drums

To the sands, our children go
not knowing who's a friend and who's a foe
We saw the twins crash into dust
And fear of the next strike grips each of us
Children in our schools gun children down
And to criminals give Hero's crown
One night of passion can bring your end
And some are now afraid to shake your hand

Have we come to the troubled times
When God brings the end to punish Mankind's crimes?

In my heart I just want to cry
Despair fills my soul and all hope does die!

To the jungle without a choice
Our children learn to flinch at every noise
Two kings down by the assassins' gun
We await the bombs that make the Earth a sun
People riot in the schools and streets
They clash with police in the summer's heat
Progress poisons us through meat & breath
Unchecked growth within shall bring our death

Our parents can recall the troubled times
When the end seemed near to punish Mankind's crimes

In their hearts they wanted to cry
Despair filled their souls and all hope did die!

L'Homme Arme doibt on doubter
You must arm yourself with an iron hauberk
The Hammer of the Gods is coming down
To rape and pillage and to burn our towns
Pretty Polly's lover took her life
He'd had his way with her and sought no wife
Ringed roses make us all fall down
The smell of death infuses every town

The worst of times have come before, my friend
And despite predictions, it was not the end

Though your heart breaks and you would cry
You must not allow the flame of hope to die
With our souls afire and our heads held high
We will make it through to the other side

. . . of these TROUBLED TIMES!