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Sleepy Hollow: Songs

Too Late

(Sleepy Hollow)
March 29, 2003
A nice acoustic song by Joe, featuring some very classical flute by Matt. Joe wrote the alternate lyrics when his friend Charlie Gallo was dying of cancer during the mixing of the GOIN' OVER album. The alternate version appears as a bonus song at the end of the second disc of GOIN' OVER.

Joe - vocals, piano
Mole - vocals, flute
. .
TOO LATE - 3:14

Send me a signal
Then I will make my next move
Then our souls will meet in deepest sleep

Can you appreciate
The rainbow or do you
Try to obtain what is lying at the very end?

But I need to know does your heart show
Or will I discover
Someone is lying behind the one I once knew

Too Late (for the Sleepers)
(alt. lyrics for "Two Late" by Dell)

Send me a signal
A motion or two so I can tell
The words I'm saying to you are coming through

Now I sit and watch the water drops
Falling like sand in an hour glass
Waiting to hear what the doctor has in store for you

But I need to know, will your strength grow?
Then will you walk out that door
Or will I once again lose another friend?