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Sleepy Hollow: Songs

The Wanderer

(Sleepy Hollow)
August 15, 2001
After having his progressive metal epics rejected in the early days, as being too much trouble to learn when the band wanted to get out soon, Matt composed this solo acoustic epic. The band loved it and learned it. Later, during the acoustic Sleepy Hollow days, Joe composed some very early-Genesis pipe organ which brought it to a whole new level. Deve added some sensitive, Micheal Giles (King Crimson) style, drumming when she joined, and C's drumming on the recording follows suit. Mole almost used this for "The Lost Way" album, but decided Joe's wonderful organ accompaniment destined this for Sleepy Hollow.

Mole - vocals, classical guitar
Joe - pipe organ
Gary - percussion
. .

I am going away from this place
I shall no more these paths retrace

Going away from here never to see you again
No more be with you until all the world shall end

Doomed to wander the rest of my days on my own
Nowhere to pause long enough to form friends or a home

Drift through the world like a spirit and leave no trace
Turned in towards myself and cut off from the whole human race

(time passes . . .)

Time has lost all its meaning for me
Swept by the years like the land by the sea

A symbol of sorrow and mystery to all who pass by
My eyes tell them volumes, my lips release only a sigh

Soon into my final resting place I shall be laid
Penance of wandering through centuries has finally been paid

Released from this body my spirit shall join yours again
My sorrow dies with me, my lips form a smile in the end