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Sleepy Hollow: Songs


(Sleepy Hollow)
January 29, 2005
Another of Joe Dell's rather Tori Amos-ish piano singer songs. Unusually, though, not influenced by a failed interaction with a female! The instrumentation builds verse-by-verse, with Joe adding some nice orchestration for verse 3 in the studio. Joe didn't like Mole's guitar solo, so Bob did a better one (although Mole's lead guitar remains over the verse & bridge section).

Joe - vocals, piano, organ, bass guitar, orchestration
Bob - "verse" lead guitar
Mole - electric and acoustic guitar, ending of guitar solo

Do you want to smash the mirror
that is in the way of success?
Can you see the crimson rash
that shows you where you shouldn't have been?
Do you still have the deep-seated anger
eating you from inside?
If you take a dagger to the source
should it be considered sin?

Should you cover up imperfection
and explain when fully exposed?
Was there enough dirt here on earth
to cover all the blood and the tears?
Were there enough fingers on your hand
to make you socially acceptable?
Maybe biting off one of them
was one of your biggest fears?

Don't be selfconscious
because there are others
in different areas
of the same boat

Appreciate yourself now
because very soon
the holes you put in
will cause you to lose
. . . float

Should you have spoken your mind instead of biting on your tongue?
Can you truly be proud of what you have never done?
Will success be a road of gold tainted with a bit of scum?
If you're the last one at the party does it make you the lonely one?

Has your closet been filled up with posers, imposters, and lies?
Have the ones who've pulled in your driveway been users, losers, or friends?
Would your face begin to crack if an ivory was exposed too fast?
Can you remember how this song started? You'd better learn how it ends

Should there be a wall between you and the closest one in your life?
Should you have listened to the others or the voices in your head?
Did your butterfly bleed through and die, when the cocoon was crushed?
Maybe you should lower the barrel
and listen to what I have just said . . .